Six-year-old Vows to Avenge Father’s Death, Comforted by Zamfara Government

A six-year-old child who was seen on social media grieving his dead father and vowing in the video to avenge his father’s death has been comforted and promised a free education by the Zamfara State Government through the Ministry of Women Affairs, Children, and Social Development.

The child and his mother were received in Gusau on Thursday by the ministry, as stated by the spokesperson, Suleiman Isah.

According to the women affairs, children, and social development commissioner, Nafisa Maraduna, she was directed by the first lady, Huriya Lawal, to locate the boy and his mother so the Zamfara government could help them and give them the counselling they needed.

The commissioner said the boy will undergo counselling to improve his life and mental health in order to avoid what may happen in the future.

The commissioner also added that the boy’s mother has been supported with capital to start a business to relieve her pain.