There Has Never Been Anything Like Democracy in Nigeria – Bruce Fein


American legal luminary Bruce Fein raised critical issues surrounding Nigeria’s democracy, asserting that the nation’s current state lacks a true democratic foundation.

Fein, with over 50 years of legal-media prominence, challenged the legitimacy of Nigeria’s constitution, contending it was imposed by the military without popular ratification.

“Getting Tinubu out is not enough; constitutional rework is essential for true change”, he said.

Fein expressed deep concerns about the compromised judiciary, alleging executive influence, particularly under leaders like Buhari and Tinubu. Notably, he accused Tinubu of manipulating the judiciary with money, while Buhari resorted to threats. Calling Nigeria an “illegal state,” Fein endorsed NADECO’s objective to remove Tinubu, proposing a multifaceted approach.

This included a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request targeting Tinubu’s alleged involvement in fraud and drug trafficking. Emphasizing the judiciary’s vulnerability, Fein advocated for a sustained public advocacy campaign.

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To garner international support, Fein urged collaboration with U.S. Congress members for non-recognition of Tinubu and placement on the Global Magnitsky list. Stressing the need for comprehensive change, he highlighted the importance of constitutional reform with robust checks and balances.

Mr. Fein also expressed readiness to collaborate with NADECO, underscoring the imperative for collective action against the current administration.