Tinubu Should be in Prison Not Aso Rock — Aisha Yesufu

Tinubu Should be in Prison Not Aso Rock — Aisha Yesufu

Renowned human rights activist and social critic, Aisha Yesufu has said that if Nigeria were a country with its affairs in order, Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu should be in prison rather than occupying Aso Villa under the guise of the presidency.

Yesufu made this statement in her official X handle, equally emphasising her commitment to the rule of law, declaring a preference for being a “political prisoner” over facing allegations of certificate forgery or involvement in drug dealing.

In a separate remark directed at journalist Kemi Olunloyo, Yesufu urged her to question the Department of State Services (DSS) about the payment status of their allowances, implying a possible connection to her own situation.

She stated, “I rather be a political prisoner than a prisoner of certificate forgery or drug dealing.

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“If Nigeria was a country with its act together, Tinubu should be in prison not Aso Villa masquerading as president.”

Calling on the journalist, Yesufu articulated, “@Kemiolunloyo should ask the DSS, discussing my matter, whether they have been paid their allowances.”