Two Dead, 21 Wounded in China Hospital Attack

Local officials on Tuesday said two people died and 21 wounded after a man went on a stabbing spree at a hospital in southwest China.


The attack, described by Chinese state media outlet Xinhua as a “violent incident” took place at 11:37 local time (03:37 GMT) at Zhenxiong People’s Hospital in Yunnan province, the police said

According to a statement on the county’s official WeChat account, “A knife attack occurred at the Chengnan Hospital in Zhenxiong County, which resulted in two deaths and 21 injuries.

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Authorities revealed that the suspect, a man is currently under investigation while the injured are receiving treatment in the hospital.

They have further told residents and merchants in the neighbourhood to “lock their doors” and “avoid contact with unknown persons”

.Firearms are banned in China but the country has seen a spate of knife attacks in recent years.

Channel, CNN