Tyla Laura & Rema

Tyla Laura Expresses Adoration for Rema

South African music sensation Tyla Laura Seethal, also known as Tyla, expressed her adoration for Nigerian Afrobeats artist Rema in a recent conversation with Apple Music.

When asked about her choice of celebrity prom date during the interview, Tyla mentioned Rema. She reminisced about their encounter from the previous year and the images they shared, characterizing the event as dramatic.
Tyla continued by clearing up any misunderstandings that might have developed between them as a result of their public interactions. She explained that although their meeting created a lot of news, their relationship is platonic. With a laugh, she continued, saying that eventually, even she began to believe the relationship rumors.

Rema’s romantic relationships with other musicians have been the subject of industry gossip. Nonetheless, the people concerned have continuously denied these rumors.
Fans on both sides are excited about possible future collaborations between the two musicians as a result of Tyla’s open revelations throughout the interview.