U.S. President Biden Appoints Osagie Imasogie and Chinenye Ogwumike as Advisers

In a significant move to enhance dialogue between United States officials and the African Diaspora, U.S. President Joe Biden has appointed Osagie Imasogie and Chinenye Ogwumike as members of the President’s Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement.

Osagie Imasogie, a prominent figure in the investment banking sector, is currently the Chairman of the Investment Bank and SEC/FINRA registered Broker-Dealer, Quoin Capital and Quoin Advisors. He is also a co-founder of PIPV Capital, a private equity firm that has invested over $1 billion into the life sciences industry.

Chinenye Ogwumike, popularly known as Chiney Ogwumike, is a well-known WNBA player who has always been passionate about her Nigerian heritage. She started her public advocacy for African women when she and her sister Nneka launched a UNICEF fundraiser in 2014 following the kidnapping of Nigerian girls by Boko Haram.

The council was established with the aim of reinforcing cultural, social, political, and economic ties between the U.S. and Africa. The members will provide invaluable guidance to promote trade, investment, and educational exchanges between the United States and Africa.

This move by President Biden is seen as a significant step towards strengthening the relationship between the United States and Africa. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of both Imasogie and Ogwumike are expected to bring valuable insights to the council.

The appointments have been widely welcomed and are seen as a positive step towards enhancing dialogue and understanding between the U.S. and Africa.