Western Democracy Has Failed Africa, Let’s Go Back to Our Culture — Obasanjo Declares Amid Concerns About Cost in Governance

The former Nigeria President Obasanjo says western democracy is not working and recommended a return to the African way of life.


Obasanjo advocated a system of government known as Afro-democracy that will take into consideration the culture, tradition and ways of life of Nigerians and Africans.

He made the suggestions during a meeting he had with former President Goodluck Jonathan and some of the legislators in Abuja, led by Kingsley Chinda held behind closed doors.

The Hon Kingsley Chinda-led group had severally protested against the high cost of governance in Nigeria due to the presidential system of government, saying it has been the rationale behind the drive to change the system of government

Obasanjo’s outburst was sequel to the push by members of the House of Representatives for the reintroduction of the parliamentary system of government to reduce the high cost of governance in Nigeria.

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According to him, western democracy is not working for Africa and has not delivered. He called for a system of government that is based on ideology

In his words, “Our problems started from the colonial masters. They gave us what they have.

“Our constitution started on a faulty base. It’s a product of their culture and tradition. Western democracy has what is called opposition.

” They have loyal opposition because they are loyal to the monarchy. We had thriving Kingdoms. We rule ourselves with consensus. If you commit an abomination you will be punished.

“Let us look at our lives. Our lives are characterised or symbolised by communalism. If we now come back home, we will get it right.

” You can call it Afro-democracy not democracy of opposition. We can move and agree to the structure we are going to put in place.

” Let’s resource, let’s see debate, let’s dialogue. Don’t let them pervert our own culture and tradition”, he added.

Obasanjo, however told the proponents of the parliamentary system of government to know that the project may not materialise now.

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