From the left is Bola Tinubu, Nyesom Wike and Sheikh Gumi

Wike Is Satanic, Fire Him Or We Fight Against You— Sheikh Ahmad tells Tinubu

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric, has called on Bola Tinubu to fire Nyesom Wike as minister of the Federal Capital Territory, warning that he “will collide with them” otherwise.

The cleric called Wike “Satanic” for hosting the Israeli ambassador to Nigeria in his office in a sermon that lasted more than 14 minutes and was posted on his official Facebook page.

Additionally, the priest claimed that if President Tinubu did nothing to address Wike, his eight-year term wouldn’t come to an end.

The cleric says, “The Minister of the FCT is a Satanic person; I said it before when he was appointed and some people were grumbling. He has gone and brought the Israeli Ambassador; that’s what someone sent, and I have yet to watch it. But what is confirmed is that he said they will collaborate with the Israelis on Abuja’s security issues. Abuja will now become an extension of Tel Aviv, and when they see anyone with a beard like us, they will say it is Bin Laden, and we will be killed.

Where are those who worked for the Muslim-Muslim ticket? Hypocrites and worthless people. Abuja is becoming an extension of Tel Aviv, and security is the bastion of the people. Have you not heard the silence? They know what they are doing. One Miyetti Allah leader came and told me that if they come to me with a proposal of negotiation with bandits, I should not be part of it, that I should leave it alone.

For your understanding, they will bring the MOSSAD into our country. Because of this, Tinubu should know that we know their plan; he must choose. He should remove the Minister of Abuja; if not, we will collide with him. On the day of a bath, the navel is not hidden.

“Let me tell you what happened during President Goodluck Jonathan’s time. We went to a meeting one day at the DSS headquarters and met one operative who knew my police details. One day, he called us and gave us the number of a Mercedes 4matic. He said he was in the toilet and heard the arrangement of how a hit squad had been assembled to kill Sheikh Gumi.”

He also alleged that the killings during the time of former President Jonathan were executed by the military, as against claims that it was the Boko Haram,a long-time terrorist group in Nigeria.

He said, “All the killings that happened during Jonathan’s time in Jaji were executed by the military and not Boko Haram. Now, have you not known the real Boko Haram? Can Boko Haram plant a bomb in Jaji if not them? General Shuwa was killed despite having soldiers in his house. They went and killed him. They were angry because he fought the civil war. You gave them power, and they killed your leaders.

All the killings perpetrated by Israelis are nothing, but the attack carried out by Hamas is now their nightmare. If any Muslim in Nigeria has ever killed a president in this country, they will have put a ceiling on our people’s military career progression. If they attain the rank of captain, they will not be trusted to progress, and we will concede. But how about them? They killed our leaders—not one, not two, not three. Once you give them power, they will kill, and they will continue to kill our people,” he concluded.