Elderly Woman Laments Rising Insecurity, Seeks End to Killings in Ekiti

An unidentified elderly woman in Ikole Local Government Area of Ekiti State expressed her distress over the prevalent insecurity in the state.

In a viral video shared on Ekititrends on Tuesday, the footage captured the woman earnestly appealing to a government official, whom she consistently addressed as “Your Excellency,” seeking assistance.

The video, seemingly recorded during a condolence visit by the unidentified government official, portrayed the woman’s concern about the safety of ordinary citizens, especially in the wake of the recent killing of traditional rulers in the state.

Speaking in Yoruba, the woman conveyed, “Your Excellency, it has happened. We believe that God will reveal the perpetrators.

“We know that those who are dead are dead. Look at traditional rulers from Ikole Local Government that are seated. “When they begin to kill kings, what will become of us?

“Your Excellency, herdsmen have not given us peace of mind; they have been killing our people anyhow.

“I know it will be possible for you. You have come and we thank you. Please, do not abandon us. God will not abandon you,” She said.

Tragically, the state witnessed the loss of two traditional rulers to gunmen on Monday. The incident unfolded between Oke-Ako and Ipao-Ekiti in Ajoni Local Government Area.

The victims were identified as the Onimojo of Imojo Ekiti in Oye Local Government Area and the Elesun of Esun Ekiti in Ajoni, Ikole Local Government Area. The assailants ambushed them as they were returning from a meeting.

On the same day, another alarming incident occurred as gunmen abducted schoolchildren in Emure Local Government Area of the state.

The abduction transpired while the children were on their way from Emure Ekiti to Eporo Ekiti. The community remains on edge as the security situation continues to escalate.

Credit: X | Ekititrends