Writing About Peter Obi Has Been Filled With Criticism, Accusations — Mamatee Vows Not to Be Deterred by Backlash From False Critics

Fateema Mamatee, a Cameroonian, has vowed to continue writing about the 2023 Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi despite facing significant criticism and accusations.

In a post on her official X handle titled, “THE MANY FACE OF CRITICISM: ‘My Journey Writing About @PeterObi,'” Mamatee detailed the challenges she has encountered.

Mamatee revealed that her initial writings about Peter Obi were met with accusations that she was being paid to write positively about him, a common tactic used to discredit someone’s views by suggesting they are financially motivated.

Despite these hurtful claims, she persisted, emphasizing that her opinions were her own and not influenced by monetary gain.

Mamatee stated, “In the world of political discourse, it is not uncommon for individuals to face criticism and backlash when expressing their opinions, especially when it comes to controversial figures like Peter Obi. As a writer, I have experienced this firsthand in my journey of writing about Mr. Obi.

“Initially, when I first wrote about Peter Obi, I was met with accusations of being paid to write positive things about him. This is a common tactic used to discredit someone’s opinion, suggesting that their views are not genuine and are instead motivated by financial gain. While this was hurtful, I continued to write, knowing that my opinions were my own and not influenced by any monetary compensation.

“As I continued to write about Peter Obi, the criticism shifted. I was accused of not being a Nigerian, as if one’s nationality somehow invalidates their opinions. This was a clear example of ad hominem attacks, where the focus is shifted from the content of the argument to the person making it. Despite this, I remained steadfast in my writing, knowing that my identity as a Cameroonian was not up for debate.

“The next accusation was that I was a UK deport “deport a citizen when I was born there?”. This was a clear attempt to discredit me based on my past experiences. However, I refused to let this deter me from writing about Peter Obi. My past does not define me, and it certainly does not invalidate my opinions.

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“Finally, I was accused of being a catfish. This was perhaps the most absurd accusation of all. A catfish is someone who creates a fake online identity to deceive others. This accusation was clearly an attempt to undermine my credibility as a writer. However, I continued to write, knowing that my identity was real and my opinions were genuine.

“In conclusion, writing about Peter Obi has been a journey filled with criticism and accusations. However, I have remained steadfast in my writing, knowing that my opinions are my own and are not influenced by any external factors. I will continue to write about Peter Obi, and I will not let the criticisms and accusations deter me from expressing my opinions,” she added.

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