Division Among Southwest Leaders: Yoruba Nation and Restructuring Debate

Division Among Southwest Leaders: Yoruba Nation and Restructuring Debate

The call for Yoruba Nation and restructuring has sparked intense debate among prominent leaders and associations in the South West region of Nigeria.

While there’s a consensus on the need to address the current lopsided federalism, opinions differ on the best approach.

Chief Bola Tinubu assumed office in May 2023, and the momentum for the Yoruba Nation agitation seems to have waned. Proponents of both movements hold varying views on the way forward.

Supporters of restructuring, such as Afenifere and the Council of Yoruba Elders, advocate for reinventing federal arrangements to address issues of insecurity and underdevelopment.

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They emphasize the urgency of adopting recommendations from the 2014 National Conference.

Meanwhile, voices from groups like Agbekoya Farmers’ Society and the Yoruba Commitment Forum state the importance of restructuring for Nigeria’s progress. They highlight the need for devolution of powers and fiscal autonomy to the states.

However, proponents of the Yoruba Nation, albeit a minority, maintain their stance on separatist agitation. They argue that a separate but free Yoruba Nation is imperative for addressing existential challenges.

Despite these differing perspectives, Afenifere emphasizes the importance of restructuring as a means to foster unity and peaceful coexistence among Nigeria’s diverse ethnic groups. They advocate for a return to true federalism to ensure equitable governance and prosperity for all.