VIDEO: Former OPC Militia Kayode Ogundamisi Accuses Zamfara Governor of Sponsoring Terrorism

Kayode Ogundamisi, a former OPC militia member, has made public allegations against Governor Dauda Lawan Dare, accusing him of sponsoring terrorism in Zamfara State. Ogundamisi shared a now-deleted tweet containing a video purportedly showing alleged terrorists in Zamfara State declaring their support for Governor Dare.

The emergence of this footage has sparked concerns regarding potential connections between the state governor and terrorist organizations.

In the video, the terrorists can be heard expressing their allegiance to Governor Dare, attributing his victory to prayers and divine intervention.

They vocalize desires for his continued leadership, fervently chanting for his reign to extend to eight or even twelve years.

“I want to let you know that we have being praying since from the beginning (campaign) and with the help of Allah he is victorious. he is now the governor all praise to Allah.

“We have nothing more to do but to pray that he is guided and reign for eight years!!!! eight years!!!! eight years!!!! lawan dare. if it can be extended we want him there for 12 years.

“Praise Dare!!!, Praise Dare!!!, Praise Dare!!!,” they said.