Again, Fulani Herdsmen Attacks Claim 12 Lives in Benue


At least 12 individuals have lost their lives, and many others have sustained injuries in a recent wave of attacks on Anyiin and neighboring communities, including Ayilamo, Iorza, and Gbeji in the Logo Local Government Area of Benue State.

Eyewitnesses, known for their reliability, disclosed that the unprovoked attacks commenced last Monday, resulting in the tragic deaths of three innocent individuals.

The violence persisted throughout the week, claiming the lives of nine more people by Wednesday and Sunday.

An anonymous eyewitness who managed to escape the violence reported that the assailants, allegedly Fulani herdsmen, not only invaded houses but also blocked major roads in broad daylight.

During these attacks, they ruthlessly took more lives and extorted money from helpless villagers.

The fleeing eyewitness urgently appealed to the Benue State Government for immediate security intervention, expressing concern for the vulnerable residents of Anyiin and its environs, who are currently facing severe threats.

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According to the eyewitness, the attacks have been occurring daily over the past two weeks, with no apparent intervention from security forces.

He called for swift action to safeguard the defenseless population from further harm.

Confirming the tragic incidents, SP Sewuese Anene, the spokesperson for the Benue State Police Command, assured the public that security personnel had been deployed to restore peace in the affected communities.

She urged the impacted residents to remain calm while efforts are made to address the situation.