Blame Buhari For Tinubu’s Failures, Oshiomole Hints


In a recent statement, former Edo State Governor and current Senator representing Edo North, Adams Oshiomole, hinted at a connection between the failures attributed to Bola Tinubu and the policies implemented during Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency.

Speaking on a televised interview with Channels Television, Oshiomole suggested that the current economic challenges and hardships experienced by Nigerians could be traced back to what he termed as “reckless policies” of the previous administration under Buhari.

Oshiomole emphasized his dissent during Buhari’s tenure, expressing regret over what he perceived as policies designed to exacerbate the suffering of the populace. He stated, “I felt that it was not what the then-president promised. I dissociated myself from those policies and I’m happy that I was not the only one.”

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While absolving Tinubu of direct responsibility for the country’s economic woes, Oshiomole’s comments implied a nuanced connection between Buhari’s policies and the outcomes witnessed during Tinubu’s political tenure. The remarks come amidst growing scrutiny of Nigeria’s economic trajectory and political accountability.