Economy Under Your Watch has Worsened Nigeria’s Poverty Index—EYN Knocks Tinubu

The Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa A Nigeria (EYN), a Christian denomination in North East Nigeria, expressed deep concern over Nigeria’s current economic state, describing it as the worst in the nation’s history.

During the Church’s General Council in Adamawa State, President Rev. Joel Billi emphasized the need for Bola Tinubu to fulfill his promise of bringing renewed hope to the nation by taking concrete actions.

“Where are we heading as a nation in the hands of somebody who came to power with the slogan Renewed Hope? Indeed these are turbulent times because the economy has worsened the poverty index of our nation,” he said.

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Asserting that the current state of the economy is unprecedented, the President of EYN highlighted that it stemmed from the sudden elimination of fuel subsidies, the decision to float the naira, the lack of regulation in foreign exchange, and widespread institutional corruption.

‘He voiced concerns regarding the government’s proposal to increase workers’ income, questioning where additional funds would come from for other employers, such as churches, to afford similar wage hikes.