Three Sentenced to Death by Hanging in Edo for Armed Robbery

Solomon Abuede, James Monday, and Kelvin Edward have been sentenced to death by hanging for their involvement in armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder in Edo State.

The judgment was delivered by Hon. Justice R. Irele-Ifijeh at the High Court in Benin.

 The trio was found guilty of the abduction and killing of Ephraim Akhere in Ihumudumun Quarters, Ekpoma, the headquarters of Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, on June 13, 2014.

Furthermore, Oviasogie Sunday received a life sentence for knowingly possessing an Infinity Jeep, registered with number EFR 218 FB, which belonged to the late Akhere and was stolen following his murder.

These crimes fall under the purview of Section 3 of the Kidnapping Prohibition Amendment Law of Edo State 2013 and the Armed Robbery and Fire Arms Act.

The defendants were among six individuals charged before Justice R. Irele-Ifijeh in case number HEK/25c/24, facing allegations of armed robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy, and possession of stolen goods.

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David Williams and Monday Ozomo were acquitted due to insufficient evidence linking them to the crimes. In a detailed 91-page verdict disclosed to journalists, Justice Irele-Ifijeh emphasized that the confessions of Abuede, Monday, and Edward were substantiated by the testimony of Sandra, a prosecution witness who was also kidnapped alongside Akhere.

Giving the judgment, the judge said, “The kidnappers rode on a motorcycle, armed with dangerous weapons, kidnapped their victims and asked Akhere, the driver and Sandra to move to the back seat, and lower their heads, while Abuede took over the driver’s seat.

“They then drove to the bank, two of the kidnappers stayed with their victims inside the car, the other went to the bank with the ATM card of Akhere to withdraw money from his account.

“From there, they were said to have driven to an uncompleted building where Abuede threw Ephraim into a well after giving him rat poison to swallow, while the girl was given the option of jumping into the well or eating the rat poison given to her.”