I Love Africa And Appreciate Their Values- TV Presenter Apologizes To Osimhen

Marika Fruscio apologizes to Victor Osimhen following her lambasting comment on the Nigerian Forward, after the forward deleted Team photos off his Instagram account as a reaction to Napoli’s insulting video of the forward losing a penalty against Genoa.

The Italian TV presenter took to her Instagram account to question the actions of the forward to delete almost all the Napoli-related posts on his Instagram account. She also blasted the player for possibly consideration taking legal action against his Team Napoli.

She posted two days ago,“ You’re a champion but it takes humility. What’s the use of deleting the photos of the team that worshiped and supported you? What’s the point of flirting like this?? Even legal action for a sarcastic video? An intelligent man would have laughed at it. BE THE PROFESSIONAL. HEAD DOWN AND WORK. It’s our fault anyway that we make these players almost gods. JUST THE SHIRT, JUST THE SHIRT.”

After her knock of words on Victor, she has now publicly asked for forgiveness as she apologizes to the forward Victor Osimhen, noting that, “I didn’t mean to be offensive”. She also apologizes to the entire Nigeria for her comments in the forward. She confesses her love for Africa and seeks redemption.

She posted on Thursday, “Dear beloved people of Nigeria, I am a showgirl who also works in a TV program related to football si my comment and post I did about the Nigerian football player Victor Osimhen didn’t want to be offensive but was my only point of view and had to be understood as a personal suggestion. I love Africa and I have always appreciated their talents and the beautiful values in terms of friendship and positivity they have. Nowadays are so full of bad news so let’s spread love and peace. Hugs to you all.”