Share Ideas with Tinubu to Run Economy, Good Governance, APC Urges Obi, Atiku

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has criticized Bola Tinubu’s detractors from the Peoples Democratic Party, including Atiku Abubakar and the Labour Party’s Peter Obi.

The party urged these candidates to engage with President Tinubu constructively by offering suggestions on how to improve the economy and governance.

Felix Morka, the APC National Publicity Secretary, emphasized during an interview with Channels TV on Tuesday that rather than solely criticizing the government’s efforts to address economic challenges, opposition candidates should propose practical ideas to Tinubu.

Morka cautioned against what he described as “incendiary” remarks intended to inflame public sentiments.

He said, “Opposition politics is not necessarily about condemning. These individuals, Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar, touted some of the economic policies this government is running with to be at the core of their economic agenda. So what has happened? So it is not enough to just condemn, these leaders should be able to, assuming they have the silver bullets this government is not deploying, they point it out.’’

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Mr Morka voided Mr Abubakar’s recent criticisms of the Tinubu-led APC government as “completely jaundiced by his own political self-interest.”

“It is not enough for Atiku Abubakar to bandy words. I expect a man who thinks deeply as he claims about governance, economy, and other aspects of our natural life to offer ideas, concrete suggestions,” he said.

Mr. Abubakar and Mr. Obi jointly expressed disapproval of Mr. Tinubu’s economic strategies, highlighting the prevailing economic difficulties in the nation.

In recent statements, Mr. Abubakar criticized Mr. Tinubu’s administration, accusing it of implementing disorderly policies that diminish hope and escalate the nation’s challenges.

Under Mr. Tinubu’s leadership, rising inflation and food costs have elicited widespread grievances from Nigerians, culminating in protests against soaring food prices in Niger and Kano states earlier this week.

In December 2023, Mr. Tinubu encouraged Nigerians to display patience, stating, “The financial restructuring of our nation is underway. We are committed to guiding Nigeria safely through the tunnel of hope, stability, and economic prosperity.”

Recently, Wasiu Ayinde, popularly known as Kwam 1, a Fuji music icon and ally of Mr. Tinubu during his campaign, voiced concern about the economic challenges facing the country.

“Nigerians are angry, traders are angry, why is kidnapping on the increase?” Kwam 1 sang, lamenting the naira freefall against the dollar.