Police Demand N50,000 Bribe from Family to Trace Kidnapped 60-Year-Old in Abuja


Family of a 60-year-old man, identified as Ahọn, who was kidnapped on February 1 in the Mpape district while traveling from Abuja to Lagos, claims that the police demanded a bribe of N50,000 to assist in tracing the victim.

Mrs. Senami Ahon, his wife, reported the incident to the Mpape police division, where they allege that the Divisional Crime Officer (DCO) requested the deposit for a more effective investigation, citing the need to engage the State Security Service (SSS).

Expressing frustration over the demand for money, Mrs. Ahon explained, “We went to the police in Mpape division so they can help track the number but as usual they are asking for money. The DCO is asking for N50,000 deposit to track.

“He is just a common public servant who has retired but had to go back as contract staff so he could fend for his family.

“He wanted to give his children some money and be with them but unfortunately, he couldn’t get to his children and he couldn’t get back home,” Mrs Ahon told Premium Times.

While struggling with situation, the family received further distressing news as the kidnappers demanded a N100 million ransom for Mr. Ahọn’s safe release.

A neighbor, requesting anonymity, disclosed, “It was early morning on Sunday when the wife was contacted through the man’s phone by the kidnappers who told her they were holding her husband and that if she wanted him alive she should go and look for N100 million and must not tell anyone.

“She told them they should let her hear from her husband to believe their story but they hung up the call.

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“On Monday, the kidnappers called back and gave the phone to the man who was crying, lamenting of torture and begging his wife to go and look for what they demanded.

“They called around the same time yesterday (Monday) and threatened the woman before they allowed her to speak with her husband who was crying and wailing, seriously complaining of torture.

“The husband begged her to please look for money so he can be released and that’s where we are now.”

The kidnappers provided a deadline for the ransom, threatening harm to the victim if not met.