Pope Francis Speaks on ‘Frequent Kidnappings’ in Nigeria, Calls for Urgent Action, Prayers

Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, has voiced his deep concerns regarding the rampant kidnappings occurring in Nigeria.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, Feb. 26, the Pope emphasized the urgency of addressing these distressing incidents, stating, “The increasingly frequent kidnappings in Nigeria are extremely concerning.”

Expressing solidarity and empathy with the Nigerian people, Pope Francis conveyed his prayers for the situation to improve, stating, “I express my closeness in prayer to the Nigerian people, hoping that efforts will be made to contain the spread of these incidents as much as possible.”

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The Pope’s remarks come at a time when Nigeria is grappling with a surge in abductions for ransom, with reports indicating an increase in such crimes in various regions of the country.

Even the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has not been immune to these challenges, as kidnappers target specific estates and border communities, causing distress and insecurity among residents.

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