FCT Residents Protest as Wike Plans to Introduce Motorparks Into Estates Amid Security Concerns

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are expressing their discontent as the Federal Government unveils plans to introduce motorparks into residential estates, a move that has sparked widespread protests amidst escalating security concerns.


The decision, spearheaded by the FCT Administration under the leadership of FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, has left residents shocked and outraged. The FCT Transportation Secretariat, overseen by Wike’s office, granted approval for the establishment of motorparks, with one designated to be constructed between Mabglobal Estate and Queens Estate.

The contract for this project was awarded to Fasaba and Sons Limited, raising suspicions due to its timing, seemingly initiated before the official commencement of Wike’s administration.

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Residents argue that the approval demonstrates a lack of consideration for their safety and well-being, particularly in the face of increasing incidents of kidnapping, armed robbery, and other crimes in the nation’s capital.

Expressing their frustration, a resident of Queens Estate stated, “Wike that we know, cannot promise to confront criminality and insecurity… and then go on to approve motorparks within residential estates.”

In response to the outcry, the FCT Transportation Secretariat has called for a meeting with estate leaders in an attempt to garner acceptance for the motorparks. However, many residents remain steadfast in their opposition, with plans underway for protests at the Transport Secretariat to voice their dissent.