Tinubu Fires Newly Appointed FERMA Chairman

Bola Tinubu has withdrawn the nomination of Engineer Imam Kashim Imam to lead the board of directors of the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) with immediate effect. This order has no bearing on any other FERMA board or senior management team nominations, according to reports from the presidency.

Recall that Parallel Facts reported on October 14 on the appointment of Imam Ibrahim Kashim as the FERMA Board’s new chairman.

Nigerians have continued to react to this latest development online. An X user with the handle @African_unifier said, “Give it to a Yoruba so that some will cry more. I have seen that Nigeria is for one group of ethicists. Anything that Tinubu does that isn’t in their favor will make Gumi come out to cry. Tinubu, go and arrest that man”. Another user named @kenth omoregie asked, “Why would they even think of making a 24-year-old minister? When I think of it, I get more angry. One with the name Maareen “APC North Muslim Muslim ticket will favor us. Tinubu is now pressing their neck; they are even vomiting the one Buhari fed them.”

However, this is not the first time the president will be canceling or reshuffling appointments. The president had earlier withdrawn the appointment of Maryam Shettimah (Shetty) from Kano and even reshuffled his minister designates before their assumption of office.