US Launches Fresh Strike in Yemen

The Houthi movement issued a stern warning of a “robust and effective response” following the recent U.S. strike in Yemen.

This has heightened tensions, as the United States pledges to safeguard shipping from attacks by the Iran-aligned group.

Concerns about the conflict’s escalation have grown since the hostilities between the Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israel, with Iran’s allies joining the fray in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.

The latest strike, targeting a radar site, occurred after numerous American and British strikes on Houthi facilities in Yemen.

Nasruldeen Amer, a Houthi spokesperson, assured a forceful response to the new strike, noting no injuries or material damages.

Mohammed Abdulsalam, another spokesperson, stated that the strikes, including the one hitting a military base in Sanaa, did not significantly impact the group’s ability to impede Israel-affiliated vessels in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea.

The Houthis claim their maritime campaign supports Palestinians in Gaza under Israeli siege. However, many targeted vessels have no known connection to Israel.

Controlling Sanaa and significant parts of west and north Yemen, the Houthis have also launched drones and missiles at Israel. The U.S. Central Command reported using Tomahawk missiles in the recent strike to degrade the Houthis’ ability to target maritime vessels.

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President Joe Biden warned of additional strikes if Houthi attacks on merchant and military vessels persist, emphasizing a commitment to responding to their “outrageous behavior.”

White House spokesperson John Kirby clarified that the initial strikes aimed at disabling the Houthis’ missile and drone capabilities and reiterated the lack of U.S. interest in a war with Yemen.