‘We Do Not have job for graduates’- Shettima


Kashim Shettima has challenged graduates of the University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) to embrace entrepreneurship and self-employment instead of waiting for government jobs.

Speaking at the 24th combined convocation ceremony of UNIMAID on Saturday, Shettima said that the era where graduates rely solely on the government for employment is over. He encouraged the graduates to use their education and entrepreneurial skills to make a positive impact on society.

“Every success in life brings with it challenges. You are graduating today, our nation is faced with myriads of problems. I believe the university has adequately prepared you to contribute to proffering solutions to these problems.

“The era when graduates look up to the government for answers to all problems is fast fading,” Shettima said. “I encourage you to specifically utilize your entrepreneurial training in the university to decide your employability status. Start an enterprise, no matter how small your capital or idea is.”

Shettima also spoke about his own experience as a graduate of UNIMAID, saying that the university played a key role in shaping his formative years as a student. He expressed gratitude to his lecturers and mentors for imparting knowledge and values that prepared him for leadership and service.

“This homecoming is to express my gratitude for the lessons learned in the halls, the premises, and in the service of this esteemed institution.

“The choices I’ve made since being certified by this institution to pursue my dream have taken me to heights I could have only imagined. In each room and at every event, I find a reason to utter a prayer for the training acquired here. I am a child of a collection of patient teachers and mentors, so I’m acutely aware that this honour is not mine alone to claim,” he added.

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“To you, I will always be a student, and with all the privilege to remind me of my ambassadorial duty to the University of Maiduguri. This is why I am excited that I am not here today for defying a code of conduct, for that would have meant that I failed as a flag-bearer of my alma mater.

In addition to his charge to the graduates, Shettima also received an honorary doctorate degree from UNIMAID. He said that this honor was not just for him, but for the entire university community.

“This honor is neither for me nor for you alone; it is a grand testament to the equalizing power of the education fostered here,” Shettima said.

The convocation ceremony was attended by dignitaries including state governors, federal lawmakers, and the Shehu of Borno.