Bella Shmurda Pleads for the Release of Mohbad’s Body and Autopsy Results

Bella Shmurda

Popular Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda has made a heartfelt appeal to the Police to release the remains of his late friend, Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known as Mohbad.

Mohbad passed away in September under unclear circumstances, and his body was subsequently exhumed for an autopsy. However, the autopsy results have yet to be released, and Shmurda is urging the authorities to expedite the process and allow him to be laid to rest peacefully.

In a post shared on his X account, Shmurda expressed his frustration over the prolonged delay in the release of Mohbad’s body. He emphasized the importance of allowing Mohbad’s family and friends to give him a proper burial and expressed concern about the ongoing investigation’s lack of progress.

“It’s been over 2 months since Moh died and his body was taken in for autopsy but yet no result, which is fine but please release his body,” Shmurda wrote. “That boy needs a befitting burial and to go to rest. Finally, Naija Police, what’s going on? We need an answer here: Where is the result? Where is his body?”

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Shmurda’s plea highlights the emotional toll that the prolonged delay in the investigation is taking on Mohbad’s loved ones. The lack of clarity surrounding the cause of his death has compounded their grief, and they are eager to have closure and be able to properly mourn their loss.

The Nigerian Police have yet to respond to Shmurda’s appeal, but their silence is only adding to the frustration and uncertainty surrounding the case. The public remains hopeful that the authorities will prioritize this matter and provide the necessary answers to allow Mohbad’s family and friends to find peace.