Israel-Hamas Resume War As Truce Expires


The Israeli defense force has announced that it has resumed operations in Gaza as the truce expired.

An IDF statement on X states violation by Hamas as the reason for the resumption of hostilities.

According to officials who spoke to CNN, despite the resumption of hostilities between the warring parties, negotiations are still ongoing in Doha to extend the ceasefire and facilitate the release of more hostages.

Israel has asked Hamas for the release of women and children alive before moving on to other hostages.

More anger spread across the country on Thursday evening when Hamas released footage of one of the hostages who called on Netanyahu and the Israeli government to receive the body of his dead child, whom he claimed was killed due to the airstrikes.

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Independent sources have yet to verify his claim.

American President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have also warned Israel that any resumption of hostilities will need to take civilian lives into account and that they cannot carry out operations in southern Gaza like it did in the North.

More developments are expected in the coming hours, and negotiations continue in Doha.