Nigerian Scammer in Texas Lands 3-Year Sentence for $1.2m Online Dating Scam

Nigerian Scammer in Texas
Nigerian Scammer in Texas

Nigerian resident in Texas, Rotimi Oladimeji, has been sentenced to three years in prison for his role in orchestrating a $1.2 million fraudulent scheme through online dating platforms.

Oladimeji, part of a larger group that included co-conspirators from both Nigeria and the U.S., was found guilty of manipulating an individual through the “Silver Singles” dating site.

The scam involved creating a fictitious persona of a Belgian veterinarian supposedly based in St. Louis, Missouri. Employing deceptive profiles and fabricated narratives, the group manipulated the victim into believing in a fabricated emergency in Dubai.

This manipulation compelled the victim to transfer substantial funds to purportedly aid the veterinarian’s fictitious escape from a contrived predicament.

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Oladimeji, after pleading guilty to multiple charges including mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy, faced a three-year prison sentence.

His accomplices, Olumide Akrinmade and Adewale Adesanya, were similarly implicated in the scam. Akrinmade received a 15-month sentence, while Adesanya faced a four-year sentence.

Both accomplices were directed to reimburse the entire defrauded amount to the victim as part of their sentencing.