Three Siblings Die in Accident

A Nigerian father shared his heartbreak after losing his three young daughters in a tragic car accident on Saturday.

The incident occurred in the small town of Toto in central Nasarawa state.

The girls, aged 10, eight, and six, were filled with joy as they left home, excited for the Eid festive season, according to Abu Uwais.

“They wore the new clothes and shoes I bought them, and they were so happy to go out,” their father, Mr Uwais, told BBC.

Police have arrested the driver involved in the accident, who is expected to face charges of reckless driving.

Mr. Uwais expressed the profound loss he and his wife, Fatima, feel, having lost their only children.

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The girls had just visited their uncle’s home and were standing outside when this driver on high speed knocked them down after hitting two electric poles.

“I was just told to come to the hospital, it was on arrival that I saw what happened and was devastated,” Mr Uwais said.

Nusaiba, 10, died in hospital, while Rumasa’u, eight, and Nana Maryam, six, died on the spot.